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Originally Posted by InFlamesOfBirchmen View Post
Is it the music? The fans? Having never listened to them, I'm curious.
It's the music. Fans will never be a reason why I don't like a band, or the image. I am a drummer, I know shit about image or whats cool. I just care about the music.

Of Mice And Men is essentially Poppy Dubcore. Meaning it's Pop influenced Deathcore with a fuckload of bass drops, and shitty synths as used in Dubstep. the fact that the singer is the ex-singer of Attack Attack does not help in the slightest.

I had to see these guys open for As I lay Dying in December 2011. I made one comment about them on Facebook....Of Mice And Men...I can't believe it takes 5 guys to suck this much!
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