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Gojira -- Seattle, WA -- January 20th, 2013

Studio Seven
Seattle, WA
January 20, 2013

Gojira - Devin Townsend Project - The Atlas Moth

It was a cold, foggy Saturday night. I get a text from my friend asking if I am going to be going to the Gojira show on Sunday. I reply "No, I'm just going to risk it and pay at the door, I doubt it'll sell out." One hour later I recieve a phone call from said friend, "Yeah dude, I was just talking to my friend who works at the radio station and the show is sold out...." /insert bouville/. I got to sleep bummed, but not out of hope.

Sunday afternoon I meet with my Mom for lunch, and I remember... MY MOM IS TOTALLY BFF'S WITH ONE OF THE MANAGERS THERE, AND I AM GOOD FRIENDS WITH THE STAFF THERE ANYWAY. A text is sent, and a guestlist slot is saved for myself and my friend .

I roll down to Studio 7 and stand in line... and stand... and stand... and stand. Sold out was right, the line went around the block, and the door staff was turning people away left and right. I kind of offended some dude when I said to my friend how lame it was that the Dethklok tour got cancelled due to LOG not being able to make it , oops.

Keep in mind, Studio 7, although one of my favorite venues here, isn't the biggest. It's about medium size, but holds a fair amount of people with the upstairs bar, but we were all still crammed like sardeens during the entire show. Plus, they had the stage crammed with all the gear. Gojira's drumset was on the drum riser, The Atlas Moth's drumset was on the left side of the stage, and DTP's drums were on the right.... I had never seen the stage THAT crammed.

The first band of the evening was The Atlas Moth. For those who don't know who they are, it's hard to explain, for me at least, since I am not a fan of this genre. I guess it could be called Doom, but pretty dirty. It reminded me of Nachtmystium at times. Anyway, I was actually very surprised with them, as I couldn't get into the first song whatsoever, but as the set went on, I enjoyed them more and more. I ESPECIALLY dug the clean vocals that one of the guitarists provided, reminded me a bit of Borknagar at times, who are one of my favorite bands. I felt bad for them though because they said they were pretty broke since they had to drive from Minneapolis to Seattle due to being denied entry into Canada. Would have purchased some merch, but I had zero cash on me as well. They weren't totally my style, but I still enjoyed them. Show up early and check them out!

During the set up for the next band, we were entertained by a slideshow of Devin Townsend photoshops, YouTube meme videos (Crowd Member:"FUCK YEAH! MY SPOON IS TOO BIG!!!!") and just... you know... odd things... but then, finally, the band that everyone seems to always sell venues out for... THE DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT. This was my 4th or 5th time seeing Devy, and it was still as fun as ever. From Jazz Hands during "Lucky Animals" to Devin falling off beat and joking about it, it was great. Everytime I have seen Devin Townsend, someone hands him a beanie, and he wears it.... EVERY TIME. I don't know if that's a joke that everyone does at all shows, but it's hilarious. Not much more can be said, if you haven't witnessed Devin Townsend live... then you really are missing out.

After DTP, I was expecting everyone to leave. It seems to always happen, especially back in September at Katatonia. But no, the venue only seemed to get even more packed as the headliners came on (about 30 minutes later....)... the mighty...

GOJIRA!!!!! I'll admit, I am not too familiar with all of their songs. I like them, but kind of space off when I listen to them on my own and then end up putting something else on... but live... HOLY. FUCKING. SHIT. The played flawlessly, full of energy, and had the crowd in the palm of their hands. I had never seen Studio 7 erupt into such chaos as I did this night. As I mentioned previouisly, S7 is just a medium sized venue, but there were 3 different pits going on... which was kind of annoying since I don't mosh, but still great to see them get such a response. Their lighting show was amazing too, and went perfectly with the music. I was floored, especially since I am a bit of a n00b to them. And their drummer... Jesus shit! I didn't think he could play those bass drum patterns live, but I was slapped in the face and called a punk bitch by his proficiency!

Overall, this show was amazing fun.

TL;DR Version:
- Check out The Atlas Moth, especially if you're into doom. Good stuff, and they seem like cool dudes.
- DTP always brings it, and if you haven't seen him, then you suck at life.
- Gojira was phenominal, just mindblowing. So far my top live band of 2013 (although, this was the first show I've gone to this year )
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