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I've got a grievance with the previous owners of my house. When you're on a showing of a house you see the appliances and the look good but you have no idea how they may work. You just figure they look new and are only seven years old so there's no reason they may not work. So you raise your asking pric/offere by two or three thousand on the condition that they leave certain appliances (in our case washer/dryer, dishwasher, fridge, stove, microwave and two garage door openers). In this six months I've been here I've had to replace the microwave, and now the washer and dishwasher are on the fritz, as well as one of the garage door openers. And they're new appliances too (within seven years). These previous people must have never maintained any of their stuff, or for the last four months they were here (we bought the house in March, moved in July) they just used the living hell out of everything to get back at me...which is weird because I never met them.

I sold my old house and everything was in perfect working order. I even had a leak fixed in the dishwasher (at my expense) a week before we left so the new owners couldn't come back at us for selling them a faulty appliance. Turns out they couldn't, because I tried with my realtor on this house and it's "buyer beware". Even though the contract said everything must be in working order.

So now I increased the price for the house by a few thousand but will have to pay more to get decent appliances that weren't run underwater or full of rocks, or whatever the fuck these people did.

And when we did get here the house was a fucking disgusting mess, I don't think they cleaned the toilets from where we bought it in March until we cleaned them when we got here in July. And we don't live in the ghettos, it's a nice area.
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