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Finished my time at Trakworx for the weekend, gonna fly back to LA in 7 hours. Definitely an awesome experience getting to help track the upcoming Slough Feg record. There are gonna be a couple surprises when it comes to the songs, but fans are really gonna love the new material. Harry Cantwell, Adrian Maestas and Mike Scalzi are all amazingly cool and hilarious guys and were a blast to work with. Mike especially is a total riot, Adrian is a walking database of useful and neat information and genuinely profound life advice, and Harry is super chill, laidback and a lot of fun to chat with. I'm bummed that I won't be able to assist with the rest of the sessions, but this is gonna be one kickass album with or without whatever miniscule amount of help I have to offer.

Also random note, but the VHOL (Aesop Dekker, Mike Scheidt, John Cobbett, and Sigrid Sheie for those who don't remember) record is gonna blow you all away. I'm not even kidding, John Cobbett has seriously topped himself and then some. If it weren't for a possible other big project surfacing later this year, I would bet on VHOL making the best album of 2013 right now.
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