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Originally Posted by jd091 View Post
Got a couple more I want to touch on briefly. Especially this one, since I've seen little talk about it:


A newer group from Baltimore, headed by vocalist Brendan Yates (drummer for Trapped Under Ice), Turnstile are an awesome rap-influenced hardcore band, if you're into that stuff. TUI is also to an extent, but Turnstile is more obvious. Heavy beats, big breakdowns, and slick vocal delivery. I love that they definitely have their own style that sets them out from the group. Give 'em a chance; this is their only EP so far.

Notable Tracks:
The Dream
New Rules (the build up to that breakdown at 2:18 = awesome)
I'm gonna necro this just so I can say this is one of my favorite hardcore releases. I've been listening to these guys for a bit now, and it upsets me how little they get talked about. I literally only know 2 other people that have heard this EP
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