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Yup, complaining time!

So the dishwasher at my work just walked out last night without finishing any of the closing tasks. So, me and the closing servers had to stay WAY late to finish everything. This is after all the college kids left for school and we just fired a couple people who weren't reliable at all. I was finally off dish for good, but now two dishwashers have been hired and fired in a month. It's a pain in the ass job, but it's a job, so just deal with the bullshit! Or quit respectably. Now they're probably just gonna throw me back there again since they know I can do it and won't complain. I'm gonna miss scooping ice creams and making tips on top of regular pay , although being in the back not dealing with customers is nice . But yeah, I've learned that being a hard working, reliable employee means you have to make up for everyone else's laziness. Whatever though, I'll be better off in the long run!
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