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Originally Posted by OraclesofAgony View Post
The way it ended was not really a problem for me. Their execution of it is what bothered me. It was nonsensical to say the least. The fact that they had to release a follow-up to the ending says enough.

I've also heard that the pay DLC answers a lot of questions when it comes to the story, and if that's the case then it should've been included in the retail game. DLC should enhance or add on to a story, not fill holes.
I really recommend the From Ashes and Leviathan DLCs. Is it lame to pay more money for content, yes. But I think they're worth it.

From Ashes explains the Proetheans story a lot more and gives you the Proethean party member Javik. The actual DLC is criminally short, only an hour or two. But Javik goes on to explain Proethean culture a lot more during the game and it changes the outlook of the Proetheans, a lot. The Leviathan pack is pretty dark and creepy, and it gets into a lot more detail of the Reapers origins. But it's payout is a bit lame.

The Omega DLC is just okay. I'd only recommend it if you just want more game to play, it doesn't really expand the story in any way or give you anything special in terms of items.

I've heard there's still going to be one more DLC. That's the extent of the rumors I've heard for that. But someone did mention it involving helping Joker find out the fate of his family, that wouldn't be too bad. And it would probably have a nice, depressing finale.
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