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So today while we were finishing drum tracks for Slough Feg, a friend of the band walks in, says hey to all the Feg guys and starts taking videos of the session and hanging out. The guy's wearing a High on Fire shirt, so I engage in conversation and it happens as follows-

Me: Oh, cool shirt! Did you catch them at Slim's a few weeks back?
Dude: Oh no, I was in Florida at the time! That show was pretty recent huh? Who opened for them?
Me: It was Lo-Pan, Goatwhore and CoC, I caught the show in Santa Cruz.
Dude: Nice! My band actually opened up for them a few years ago.
Me: Cool! What's the name of your band?
Dude: Oh, my band's called Black Cobra.

So I guess Rafael from Black Cobra is a big Slough Feg fan and wanted to hang out for some of the sessions. Dude seemed surprised that I'd not only heard of Black Cobra but had also seen them three times haha. Oh yeah, Harry Cantwell, the drummer for Slough Feg, seriously tore shit up with his tracks this weekend. Dude only played a 4-piece double kick kit but there are a ton of moments that sound like tom tom avalanches. I'm not just saying that because he might be reading this (if he is, hi Harry!), after every other take the engineer/producer/audio whiz manning the session, Justin Weis, and I would look at each other and say "Damn!" or something to that effect.

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