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Well, another BOC setlist means I am compelled to weigh in with my praises and grievances!

1. Having Buck's Boogie plus an additional Buck solo is stupid and lazy as fuck.
2. Yay for Golden Age of Leather, Black Blade, R U Ready 2 Rock and ME262.
3. Cities on Flame should go away and never come back. Their "rock and roll!" chant was shitty the first time and was just as shitty the other four times I've seen them.
4. Not opening the show or the encore with The Red and the Black is horseshit. Still one of the most badass show openers I've ever seen (five times bitches).
5. Last Days of May is good to see, the version they play live nowadays with an extended solo from Richie Castellano is amazing.
6. The drum and bass solos have always been terrible and will forever be terrible. No Eric Bloom, Kasim Sulton and/or Rudy Sarzo does not play "the monster bass." They are competent, nothing more!

This being said, I will probably still see them again when I get the chance. For the most part, BOC still kick a ton of ass live.
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