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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
The more I think about the ending, the more I realize that yes it was terrible but there was really no way to end the series without making everybody happy.

And while people keep going on and one about how the three endings were "exactly the same", think about how hard it will be to make a Mass Effect 4 that takes place after this? You've either got the Reapers destroyed and the galaxy rebuilding, the Reapers still around and helping to rebuild or the Reapers still around, helping to rebuild and everyone is a synthetic. You'd basically have to make three seperate games with the three outcomes.
The way it ended was not really a problem for me. Their execution of it is what bothered me. It was nonsensical to say the least. The fact that they had to release a follow-up to the ending says enough.

I've also heard that the pay DLC answers a lot of questions when it comes to the story, and if that's the case then it should've been included in the retail game. DLC should enhance or add on to a story, not fill holes.
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