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Well done, brother. You listened to some great stuff last year, and I also like a lot of the albums that appeared on here. Your list had some interesting choices, too. For example, I never would have ranked Unleashed that high. I gave it four stars when I reviewed it, and I still think it deserves that ranking, but it's not their best work at all, and I liked their previous album much more. You ranked Anaal Nathrakh quite high compared to me, but I still liked it very well. Also, I ranked Pallbearer and Pig Destroyer higher than you did, but we both liked them so who cares, right?

On the other hand, I agree with you that Xibalba was heavy as fuck, Hour of Penance was wonderfully brutal, Black Breath was just all-around fanfuckingtastic, and Royal Thunder was nearly perfect.

Your surprise fun pick for me was Dethklok. Wow, did you rank that higher than anyone I've seen...but ya know what? You're kinda right! That one was a nice surprise for me as well. It's actually quite good, and not only is it technically solid, but it's catchy and fun as well. I didn't rank it anywhere near as high as you did, but the more I think about it, maybe I forgot how good it really was when I made my list. Nice job having the balls to put an album like that in your top ten.
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