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Originally Posted by kalfitegrdan View Post
Nice list, man. I agree with almost all that I've seen that are in your top 20. As for your need to see list, I'd definitely recommend checking out Seeking a Friend... and Seven Psychopaths if you get a chance. I thought Killing Them Softly wasn't very good. The Man with the Iron Fists wasn't as good as I was hoping and the story was too rushed, but at least I got what I wanted from it with some killer rap played over kung fu battles.
Thanks a lot dude! I plan on getting Seven Psychopaths on Netfilx when it comes out on DVD a week from Tuesday and Seeking a Friend for the End of the World is near the top of my queue atm. Good to know Man with the Iron Fists is loaded with dope rap over gory kung-fu battles because that's exactly what I wanted out of it
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