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So, I'm super late but I finally played and finished ME3, and I figured I'd give my , if anybody cares. The ending did not bother me as much as I thought it would. I had some ideas of what it might be and the ending was sort of along those lines, but it really didn't make much sense at all, that's the biggest problem with it. Also it's pretty lame that all the choices you can make lead to essentially the same thing, they could've crafted some really unique endings and blew it. I did not download the Extended Cut for my first playthrough because I wanted to experience the ending in its original context to see what all the fuss was about.

As far as the game itself goes, it is a great game but there were a lot of times where it kinda felt like a chore to move along. The side missions are all completely boring, and all the Citadel stuff was extremely tedious. Also the planet scanning was completely pointless in terms of its affect on the story, I wasted many hours doing that. They should've just scrapped the scanning altogether or made it more significant in terms of the consequences of the story. Pretty much all of the main missions were very strong though give or take a couple duds.

And I'm one of those people who was pretty disappointed that they scrapped the core mechanics of ME1 and stripped most of the RPG elements out for ME2. I personally think that if they had kept the original mechanics from ME1 and improved and built on them rather than throwing them right out the door, the trilogy as a whole potentially would've been a lot stronger. ME2 and ME3 are still great games, but they could've been even better I think. And there was something about exploring planets in the original ME1 for the side missions that was pretty exciting. Even with the flawed vehicle controls and the lack of unique environments, I still wanted to go out there and explore every planet. In ME2 and ME3 that wasn't really the case with the side missions. Well, ME2 did a better job than ME3 with that.

So overall, this is one of my favorite game series of all-time, but I still think despite its lack of polish compared to the other two that ME1 was the best in the series. The dialogue in that first one was amazing. And I played through that one 5 times. I've yet to play through 2 or 3 (obviously) a second time, but I plan to eventually.
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