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Originally Posted by TheWildAndTheYoung View Post
Number 7 Is.......
7.New Religion-Crazy Lixx

1.Rock And A Hard Place
2.My Medicine (R.O.C.K.)
3.21 'Till I Die
4.Blame It On Love
5.Road To Babylon
6.Children Of The Cross
7.The Witching Hour
8.Lock Up Your Daughter
9.She's Mine
10.What Of Our Love
11.Desert Bloom
12.Voodoo Woman

Band They Most Resemble: Danger,Danger

Crazy Lixx,one of the many bands to come out of the Swedish glam metal scene, and certainly one of the best.This album has all a glam lover could ask for, shredding guitars,Def Leppard harmonies,and anthemic choruses.This is a great album start to finish, save for the unneeded interlude "Desert Bloom" (what is it with glam bands and the useless instrumentals these days?).Great tracks include the two Bon Jovi influenced songs "She's Mine" and "What Of Our Love",the Ratt sounding "The Witching Hour",and "21 'Till I Die",a song that screams Hey Stoopid-era Alice Cooper.But what most of this album sounds like is a heavier Danger,Danger,with an overload of Def Leppard harmonies,which is awesome if you like that kind of sound.So,if I where to compare them to other bands it would be a Danger,Danger/Def Leppard/Bon Jovi/Alice Cooper.If you don't like those bands,you might still like Crazy Lixx,because these guys do have their own touch on past glam metal.In many years from now, if glam metal ever gets popular again (not radio popular exactly),this album will be remembered has a classic.

Recommended Tracks:
"21 'Till I Die"
"The Witching Hour"
"Rock And A Hard Place"

Oh man. I havn't listened to Glam in a while. I had gotten kinda bored of it honestly but this is fucking great.
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