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Number 2 Is.......
2.Hardcore Superstar-Hardcore Superstar

1.Kick On The Upperclass
2.Bag On Your Head
3.Last Forever
4.She's Offbeat
5.We Don't Celebrate Sundays
7.Wild Boys
8.My Good Reputation
9.Cry Your Eyes Out
10.Simple Man
11.Blood On Me
12.Standin' On The Verge

Band They Most Resemble: Love/Hate

As the band that started the whole Swedish glam metal scene,Hardcore Superstar has made a great mark on glam history.This band is extraordinarily awesome,bringing the sounds of Love/Hate,L.A. Guns,Motley Crue,and Faster Pussycat all together to bring about great music.This band is extremely popular in Sweden,with several number ones and Grammy awards there.The album's opener "Kick On The Upperclass" kicks things into gear (),and continues with some of their most-known and arguably best songs,including the Faster Pussycat influenced "We Don't Celebrate Sundays",the Motley Crue sounding-anthem "Wild Boys",and my personal favorite,the sleazy-rocker "My Good Reputation" which sounds a lot like Love/Hate (you will find a lot of their stuff sounds like that).Other great standout songs include the L.A. Guns sounding rocker "Last Forever", "Bag On Your Head" and "Cry Your Eyes Out",both of which sound like they came straight from Skid Row's songbook.My second favorite song is another Love/Hate sounding track called "Simple Man",which is not a cover by the way.If I had to pick a least favorite song,it would "She's Offbeat",but this album really doesn't have a bad track at all.If you like rock music,you WILL like this album,and if you don't I don't know what's wrong with you.Metal fans should appreciate how more heavy these guys are compared to other glam bands.

Recommended Tracks:
"My Good Reputation"
"Simple Man"
"Cry Your Eyes Out"
6/28 - Def Leppard/Styx/Tesla
8/29 - Rick Springfield/Loverboy/The Romantics
8/30 - Motley Crue

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