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Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
I walked in there and looked at one of the managers and asked "Can you draw the papers up for me quitting." They looked confused so I said again "I'm quitting today, right now".

Then I got the "Well do you want your two weeks put in", my response "No I start my new job this weekend, I'm done here". That was the extent of it. I left on pretty good terms though since I was a good worker and most people liked me even if I was a dick to many there.

Only one small manager was a sour puss when I left stating that I should of put in my two weeks or told the other job either that I didn't want it since I was at walmart or tell the other job to wait until I can finish at least 2 weeks more at Walmart. I just wanted to look at her and say "Bitch, do you think I'd pass a good job to push carts with your black ass watching my every move and bitching".
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