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Hot Water Music -- Ybor City, FL -- January 16th, 2013

The Menzingers - I wasn't familiar with them at all but i was a little impressed, I think they are the "next big thing" in their respective genre, I'll definitely check out their music - 6.5/10

La Dispute - Probably the main reason for a majority of the audience, my 2nd time seeing them and they still do not disappoint. They played all of my favorite songs of theirs, and they even had a nice little pit going for a couple songs, and of course King Park was beyond intense live, definitely A band you should go see live - 9/10

Hot Water Music - All of the scene/hipster kids left after LD and in came all of the 35 or so year old "bro-men", HWM are a lot of fun live, I'd definitely go see them again. - 9/10
Hot Water Music

2)Sate Of Grace
3)A Flight And A Crash
5)Trusty Chords
6)All Heads Down
8)The Fire, The Steel, The Tread
9)Drag My Body
10)Our Own Way
11)Paper Thin
12)Better Sense
13)The Traps
17)Paid In Full
18)No Division
19)It's Hard To Know

La Dispute

1)A Departure
2)Bitter Fruit
3)I See Everything
4)Why It Scares Me
5)Castle Builders
6)Bury Your Flame
7)St Paul
8)Such Small Hands
10)King Park

I got La Dispute's setlist, a HWM pick and an La Dispute/Touche Amore split EP on vinyl.

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