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Originally Posted by brutal_descent View Post

Let's say - hypothetically - this Best of Baroness CD has over 12 tracks. 19 tracks even, which is still somewhat of a stretch. 4-5/19 is still about a quarter of the CD; let's keep in mind Baroness have another two studio albums. Even if both Blue and Red are represented more than Y&G, 4-5 is still a good number of songs. If it's 10-12 tracks (like the Alice in Chains Greatest Hits CD I've been listening to this past week), that's possibly HALF of the CD.
I'm old school and still burn cd's. The average cd is 18-21 tracks. As someone who liked Red better than Blue and owns all the Baroness cd's my point was 4-5 songs off a cd that is being hailed as their best ever basically.

Also that's 4-5 songs out of 18 on Y&G. Not a good ratio.

As far as Dude being out of touch with music. Definitely. The comparison isn't that far off though. There are several new Baroness songs that sound more like Kings of Leon to me than old Baroness. maybe it's jsut me but the interludes and intros are annoying as fuck. It's just way too many for my liking. To each his own though...

As far as LOG, Straight to the Sun isn't like any other LOG song ever written so I don't get that same old Pantera clone argument. Great music is great music and when it translates well live, it's even better. Undertow and Ghost Walking were 2 of the 3 live highlights of 2012 for me.
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