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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
And to answer the Hipster reference. A guy at my job who's favorite band is Dave Matthews comes up to me and says have you heard this great new band Baroness? They're like Kings of Leon meets Yes. Need I say more...

Considering Dave Matthews only attracts jam band people and frat-bro types I don't see any hipster correlation at all. Kings of Leon meets Yes? That guys sounds like he's just out of touch with current music.

Originally Posted by brutal_descent View Post

Let's say - hypothetically - this Best of Baroness CD has over 12 tracks. 19 tracks even, which is still somewhat of a stretch. 4-5/19 is still about a quarter of the CD; let's keep in mind Baroness have another two studio albums. Even if both Blue and Red are represented more than Y&G, 4-5 is still a good number of songs. If it's 10-12 tracks (like the Alice in Chains Greatest Hits CD I've been listening to this past week), that's possibly HALF of the CD.
Good point.

LoG might be the best Pantera-clone around and they are heavy and whatnot and good live, but you gotta admit.... their last three or four records are all pretty much the same. They've got a good formula that they stick to.
9/5-6 - HHB2
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