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People who love the new trippy/folky/interlude laden Baroness calling LOG boring... WOW! I feel like I'm in the twilight zone.

I will admit some songs on Y&G finally clicked with me but there are only 4-5 songs that would possibly crack a Best of Baroness cd for me.

LOG has 5 songs that also would make a Best of for me. Ghost Walking is amazing, Straight to the Sun is one of the heaviest songs released in 2012, Undertow is a great f'n song and Desolation and Number 6 are also strong.

There's a good 25 minutes of filler on Baroness for me. Some songs are unlistenable actually. To each his own I guess.

And to answer the Hipster reference. A guy at my job who's favorite band is Dave Matthews comes up to me and says have you heard this great new band Baroness? They're like Kings of Leon meets Yes. Need I say more...
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