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Originally Posted by XDoomsayerX View Post
Damn you aint Ziggler fan.
Actually I don't mind him at all. I just don't think he's a permanent main eventer. His offense is too weak, the addition of the superkick is a good one but let's face it when does that move not look impactful? His promos are inconsistant as fuck and he just doesn't have the it factor. There's nothing wrong with being a successful midcarder your whole career. Plenty of guys have done that and are remembered for the great work they did. Ziggler would progress further in his career if he didn't sell so good for his opponets. Until he stops that all he's gonna be used for is to make everyone else look good and that's what will keep him in the midcard. I don't know, there's just something missing with him. Honestly, in another 10-15 years, I don't think most fans will even remember Ziggler.

Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
They never announced it to the public but they already had the calls made for WWF guys to be on but since Stone Cold and HBK were in Texas or something for a gun show they cancelled them all.
I believe I read the gun show was in Vegas. I think some fans get too upset over this stuff though. I'm glad they had the anniversary show and let the current roster take the spotlight. Maybe Vince will learn to let the current guys run with the ball more often and not rely on the old guys all the time because there will come a time when Rock, Triple H and Taker can't do it anymore and he will have to look to the current roster to draw.

By the way, how awesome was it that Barrett beat Orton clean on RAW? They fucked up Barrett's return at first but since winning the IC title it looks like he's back on track. Hopefully he can win MITB this year like he was supposed to last year before he got hurt.
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