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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post

Ziggler does a good job of making himself look weak without Cena's help. His offense isn't impressive at all and Ziggler just doesn't have "it" plain and simple. A great IC/US champ and part time main eventer from time to time but he will never have a big run as a top guy. His best ability is making others look good and the WWE will forever use him for that.

He wasn't even supposed to win MITB. Barrett was set to win it lasy year before he got injured. I think they just gave it to Dolph with no plans whatsoever for him to do anything with it.

Who's hotter is certainly debatealbe but who's a better wrestler isn't. Eve is a lot better wrestler and is a legitimate fighter. Eve has trained in brazillian jujitsu at the Gracie academy for years now. She's leaving the WWE to start up a women's self defense class there. Kaitlyn has come along nicely over the last two years considering she had no wrestling experience before this. But Eve is much better and if she wanted to, she could grab one of Kaitlyn's limbs, take her down and have her tapping out in 20 seconds.

Damn you aint Ziggler fan. Its cool to each their own. All that eve stuff I didnt know but she looked better in the ring, like more fluid and smooth ya know doing moves n stuff. Kaitlyn is okay at best, attractive sure. At least she aint kelly kelly god what an awful wrestler.
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