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2.Death Grips-The Money Store
Death Grips gives hip-hop a swift kick in the ass with The Money Store. This is some of the most original, genre-bending, aggressive, and best hip-hop to come out in a long time. This record takes the chaos of Exmilitary controls it and makes it something special. I was often overwhelmed by the production on Exmillitary, that's not the case at all on here. The production achieves the perfect balance of noise and clarity. Besides the production sounding sharp, I can not emphasize enough how amazing the beats on this record. Each one has a different quirk to them and not one beat on here isn't memorable. In addition to the flawless production, They are able to create a plethora of fantastic hooks. This is particularly impressive considering how aggressive this record is that they still were able to work a ton of infectious hooks in as well ("The Fever" and "I've Seen Footage" are particularly catchy.) The Money Store is a near masterpiece that shook up the structure of modern hip-hop.

Standout Tracks
1.The Cage
2.The Fever (Aye Aye)
3.I've Seen Footage
3/2 Migos
3/30 Intronaut/Scale the Summit
4/7 Waka Flocka
4/17 Kvelertak
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