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5. Tormented - Graveyard Lust
Swedes playing old school Swedish death metal with a small dose of Autopsy and crust punk thrown in for good measure. Fans of Bastard Priest and even Midnight, take note.
Graveyard Lust

4. Inverloch - Dusk | Subside
The continuation of Australia’s Disembowelment is as visceral and brutal as ever. I feel like they are spreading their wings, so to speak, and branching into more variety of sound than Disembowelment had in their short career.
Within Frozen Beauty

3. Down - The Purple EP
As the first of a planned set of four EPs this gets the whole thing started with a set of songs that sound like Down through and through.
The Curse is a Lie

2. Vattnet Viskar - Vattnet Viskar
Great up and coming atmospheric black metal band from New Hampshire. I had heard a few good things about this EP online and was blown away when I checked it out. I then had the pleasure of catching these guys at a free show back in October and they were excellent.
Barren Earth

1. Deathspell Omega - Drought
This follows suit with their last two full lengths in being a goddamn masterpiece. This material is much more compelling than their last single-song EP. I came late to their black metal party, but better late than never, right?
Scorpions & Drought

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