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Originally Posted by WOLVERINEKILLS View Post
I think 5FDP is more suited for the FM rock radio crowd right now and that falls in line more with Uproar, which at this point is actually the bigger festival; last year they had 2 stages compared to 1 for Mayhem Fest. Plus 5FDP on Mayhem would be a repeat but on Uproar its a different crowd of hard rock music fans who enjoy more modern bands as compared to most metal fans who prefer the classic bands of metal minus a few modern metal bands like Slipknot, LoG or KsE.
Yeah but look at Disturbed and Godsmack(among others) did both and in Disturbed's case they went back to Mayhem after Uproar, and 5FDP did a massive run last summer with metal bands(mostly)

So it won't surprise me if they're on Mayhem
Lamb of God/Anthrax
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