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Originally Posted by markrz View Post
That's a pretty packed schedule! And enviably so. You must devote most of your hobby budget to show tickets.
It depends on a few things. Most of the Rock Junction shows I can get into for nothing because I know the guy that owns the place. And as far as major theater/arena shows go, sometimes I can get a press pass if my friend is shooting the show.

Most of the upcoming show lists I post are subject to change at any time. I post them all because I have an interest in going to all of them. In reality, I'll end up going to about half of them. If I know the show won't sell out, it'll depend on my mood the day of the show (meaning, if it's a Friday night, do I really wanna drive to Worcester during rush hour if I only have a moderate interest?)

As far as affording them, I live well within my means. Some people are drug addicts, some people are alcoholics. I'm a concert junkie. I pay my bills on time and the vast majority of my fun money goes to concerts or for ongoing guitar projects. That's just me though.
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