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The Faceless return four long years after releasing modern metal masterpiece Planetary Duality with another fantastic and dynamic record in Autotheism. There was a lot of bitching about this record due to the change in sound seeing The Faceless go in a more progressive direction. I happened to really like their change in sound on this record. I've always liked Michael Keene's clean vocals and he does a good job with an expanded role. The progressive instrumentation has been one of the stronger aspects of the band since their inception. The progressive parts here are really well-done and maintain a sense of oddball unpredictability which I love (This is a big part of what makes 3-part album centerpiece "Autotheist Movement" so special.) Even with the more progressive sound in place, The Faceless never lose the tech-death side to their sound. New vocalist Gefforey Ficco is a more than worthy replacement for Derek Rydquist. His lows are better than Rydquist's and his highs are very black metal-esque and equally as good as Rydquist. Bottom line: It isn't quite as good as Planetary Duality, but this was well worth the four year wait and further cements The Faceless as one of the most important bands in modern extreme metal.
So glad to see this on someone else's year end list.

It didn't seem to get as much love here as other year end lists.
04/05 - Kataklysm, Aborted
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