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I honestly thought the Broncos were going to the Super Bowl. There was no doubt in my mind that they were going to be there. But when you have basic defensive meltdowns like they did on saturday, it makes it harder to win games. Seriously, how was that guy that wide open? Still the game was awesome, it was the game of the year and easily one of the best playoff games i've ever seen.

My playoff picks are going good so far. I was 4-0 last and 3-1 this week. It would've been 4-0 again if the Broncos could've played defense.

Baltimore has gotten hot at the right time and I wouldn't be surprised if they were gonna take this all the way and try and win it for Ray Lewis so he can go out on top. They kept coming no matter what against the Broncos, they keep that up I can see another super bowl win for them.

It's strange to think how successful the Ravens have been for most of their existance, yet they only have one super bowl win
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