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Originally Posted by PVH5150 View Post
I disagree to a point. As a singles competitor, I can understand where you're coming from. However, I distinctly remember him & Matt having some of the most awesome tag team matches in the 1999-2001 window. Royal Rumble 2000 against the Dudleys & Mania 17 in the first TLC match come to mind.
Those matches weren't great because of Jeff Hardy. They were great because of the gimmick and the fact that there were five awesome workers, Matt Hardy, The Dudleys and Edge and Christian to make it great. Look at his career, he's always been matched up with guys who at a completely other level than him. The reason for that is because he's not very good and he needs the best workers in order to make him look like he's something. Every great match he's every been in has always been because he's in the ring with people like The Undertaker, RVD, Kurt Angle, Eddie Guererro, CM Punk, Austin Aries and Bobby Roode. Those are just a few examples, the list goes on and on. The guy is incapable of having a good match unless he's going against the best workers possible. If Jeff Hardy was as special as they want us to believe he is then he could have a good match with anybody. That's what true main eventers and talented wrestlers do. Jeff Hardy has proven time and again that he can't get it done unless he has someone carry his useless ass to something special.

For some reason the wrestling world has always had a hard on for the guy and he gets handed everything and protected worse than Randy Orton has. I just don't get it.

Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
During his first run with the WWE I thought Jeff Hardy was pretty good. All those TLC matches, the match with RVD at Invasion and especially the match against the Undertaker for the WWE title (in May or June 2002) was all great stuff. But yeah, he was just a spot monkey. I never saw too much ECW or X-Division stuff at that point, so Jeff Hardy was the most extreme (X-Treme) high-flying guy I'd seen. I just don't buy him as World Champion material. Solid upper-mid card guy who steals the show; yes, absolutely, he did that for years. Guy who the show is built around and the marquee name; no. And I've probably read too much into the internet dirt sheets because now when I see they guy I just see a burnt out junkie who's going to end up like Jake Roberts (same goes for Matt, probably more so).

It also doesn't help that on one of his DVDs there was a section with his wife wanted to watch it...we made it through about twenty seconds...dear god.
It's funny the reason you liked Jeff Hardy is the main reason I didn't like him from the start. I had been watching ECW for a fews years before he came to the WWF and had seen RVD and Sabu do all this crazy high flying shit for awhile. Jeff Hardy was pretty much a copycat of what those two had been doing in ECW and he was a bad copycat to. Everything he did, all the high flying spots and risk taking was done first and much better by RVD and Sabu. I know wrestlers rip each other off all the time with moves and storylines but it was just so blantanly obvious Jeff was trying to be RVD and Sabu that it was just fuckin sad and unoriginal.

Jake Roberts has been trying to clean himself up recently from what i've read. Matt Hardy has got himself back together after his meltdown a couple years ago and is now werstling in ROH and i'm sure he's taking other independant bookings. I will give Jeff Hardy credit for one thing, it does seem he's sobered up and gone straight since he's come back to TNA. But he's just a terrible world champ and his reign has screwed up all the good shit TNA had been doing last year.
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