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During his first run with the WWE I thought Jeff Hardy was pretty good. All those TLC matches, the match with RVD at Invasion and especially the match against the Undertaker for the WWE title (in May or June 2002) was all great stuff. But yeah, he was just a spot monkey. I never saw too much ECW or X-Division stuff at that point, so Jeff Hardy was the most extreme (X-Treme) high-flying guy I'd seen. I just don't buy him as World Champion material. Solid upper-mid card guy who steals the show; yes, absolutely, he did that for years. Guy who the show is built around and the marquee name; no. And I've probably read too much into the internet dirt sheets because now when I see they guy I just see a burnt out junkie who's going to end up like Jake Roberts (same goes for Matt, probably more so).

It also doesn't help that on one of his DVDs there was a section with his wife wanted to watch it...we made it through about twenty seconds...dear god.
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