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WEEK 33:

Incura- I Breathe This
Dillinger Escape Plan- Black Bubblegum
Clutch- Earth Rocker
Sevendust- Decay
James LaBrie- Mislead
Shadows Fall- The Light That Blinds
Mutiny Within- In My Veins
Soilwork- Spectrum Of Eternity
Candlemass- To Ride, Shoot Straight And Speak The Truth (Entombed Cover)
Entombed- Black Dwarf (Candlemass Cover)
Hate- Alchemy of Blood
Nebulous- VII: Forever Impaled
Hopelorn- Phoenix
Unbowed- As Winter Claims My Soul
Holy Grail- Rains Of Sorrow
Sons of Aeon- Wolf Eyes
Newsted- Soldierhead
Neon Warship- Carry You Away
Philip H. Anselmo & Warbeast- Conflict
The Holy Guile- Fap Fap
Steven Wilson- The Pin Drop
Eye of the Beholder- Run
Long Distance Calling- Ductus
Iroha- Legacy
Primitive Man- Astral Sleep
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