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Originally Posted by PVH5150 View Post
Full list of 2013 PPVs

Royal Rumble – 1/27/13 – Phoenix, AZ
Elimination Chamber – 2/17/13 – New Orleans, LA
WrestleMania – 4/7/13 – East Rutherford, NJ
Extreme Rules – 5/19/13 – St. Louis, MO
TBD – 6/16/13 – Chicago, IL
Money In The Bank – 7/14/13 – Philadelphia, PA
SummerSlam – 8/18/13 – Los Angeles, CA
Night Of Champions – 9/15/13 – Detroit, MI
Over The Limit – 10/6/13 – Buffalo, NY
Hell In A Cell – 10/27/13 – Miami, FL
Survivor Series – 11/24/13 – Boston, MA
TLC – 12/15/13 – Houston, TX
It's good to see they've settled on the location for the Rumble since it's only a couple weeks away

The last PPV I went to here was Armageddon 2008 where I had to witness the horror of Jeff Hardy winning his first WWE title in a triple threat against Edge and Triple H. Awesome crowd reaction when he won but to this day I don't get his appeal and the guy has zero talent. He has always had mathes with the best guys possible so Jeff Hardy has always looked way better than what he is. All the great matches he's been in are because a superior worker carried his ass. He has never once elvated anyone or helped to make anybody look good. I don't understand why this guy has been so protected by the wrestling world since he started.

Night Of Champions 2011 came here but I skipped that due to how badly they botched CM Punk's push after Summerslam that year. If the WWE is doing OK and the card looks like it might be worth checking out live i'll try and go to Over The Limit later this year. But that PPV is happening when the WWE is traditonally on their "don't give a shit until the Rumble" part of the year, so who knows if the card will be any good.
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