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I'm shocked we're getting another PPV so soon. We had Rumble 11 & Night of Champions 12. Now Survivor Series 13 (we also has Survivor Series 08).

Before that, they were few and far between.

Survivor Series 93, Wrestlemania 14, King of the Ring 2000, Royal Rumble 03 & Summerslam 06. Probably more if you count Worcester & Providence, but I have no clue what those cities have hosted.

I don't like the fact that Los Angeles is the home of Summerslam now. That was one of the better events I went to when it was here in 2006.

I may try to get a nosebleed seat for Mania, just to say I was there. But that's a total crapshoot. Jersey in April? Could be 90 degrees, could be a blizzard.
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