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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
Of course it will. But remember; this is a company that started out as a PPV only company and taped a months worth of shows at once. And they had the Johnsons.

It's the first Gooker nominee of 2013!
Them starting out on PPV really wasn't a bad idea. Since they were a new company people were probably curious in checking them out, so I don't think the spoilers hurt them that badly then.

The problem is for those that don't get the PPVs online somehow, why would you pay for a show that was pre-taped 3 months before? They don't start airing these until april but they already taped the first two today. That's right, we know PPV spoilers months in advance. It's one thing to have them a week or a few days ahead but months? That's the dumbest shit i've ever heard. I'll still probably check the shows out once they show up on a torrent site but Dixie, Hogan and whoever the hell else is in charge are more out of touch than Vince if they think people are gonna pay to watch these shows.

These shows are supposed to operate sperately from the TNA storylines so I guess they're just fun shows to watch that won't have any barring on the current angles. On free TV this is a good idea but it's not for PPVs.

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