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Great review! I saw this tour as well, in New Orleans. I also saw them on the 1991 tour and the 1995 tour and I have to say the 1999 show got a much better crowd response. I think by this point everyone was aware of what Mr. Bungle was about. But when I saw them in 1991 the only thing people really knew about them was that the singer was Mike Patton of Faith No More. And I'm sure most of them were expecting FNM and got nothing like them. They openly mocked the audience, some deservedly so, and just tortured the crowd. But on the 1999 tour they seemed to mellow on that. Gone were the masks and the attitude but the awesome music and performances remained. And I think most people knew what to expect at this point. Your review really took me back to all those great 90's shows that I witnessed. Thank you for that. Cheers!
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