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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
It seems like TNA has made a decision I actually approve of and are scaling back to four PPV's a year. I'm sure it's mostly because they hemorrhage so much money but I think that it's a good idea.
It is a good idea to have less PPVs. It's very old school and it allows time for feuds to build up and for champions to have longer reigns. But what they're replacing the monthly PPV's with isn't. The months they don't have PPVs they will tape specially themed shows called One Night Only and it will focus on something different like one month will be the X Division and the next will be the tag team division or something. They will air on friday nights and cost $14.99.

That's right, they're gonna charge you to watch pre-taped PPVs. Dumbest idea ever since the spoilers will be out long before the show airs. This one night only concept would be better if it was on free TV but this will flop terribley for them on PPV.
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