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Dying Fetus - Reign Supreme

This is Dying Fetus' best album in 10 years. The last one was great, but this is jaw-dropping. They've fully embraced their groove-laden brutal death metal side and it's paying off huge for them. "Subjected To A Beating" is so perfect that classes could be given on it. "How To Construct An Amazing Death Metal Song 101." Technical when it needs to be, slamming when it has to be. Fucking awesome.

Standout tracks: Subjected To A Beating, From Womb To Waste, Dissidence

05/10 - Septicflesh
05/16 - Anaal Nathrakh
05/17 - Aborted (?)
05/21 - 05/24 - MDF XIII
05/27 - Cryptopsy
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