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Originally Posted by Rocco44 View Post
Forgot to vote but looking at the numbers I wouldn't have affected much.

Decent list overall. I'm surprised at all the hate for Converge and none for the highly overrated and bloated Baroness album.
Oh I hated on the new Baroness to no end and it saddens me in it's top 10 because it's an abomination of a record imo, but I did enough bitching about it when it came out to cause too much of a stink now that it's in the year-top 10. People on here dug it, I didn't, nothing I can do about it.

Originally Posted by BloodoftheKings View Post
I love how last year's list caused a shit storm when there was really nothing controversial about it at all and this year we have a hip hop album in the top 10 and everyone seems to be ok with it.
9/18 Fall of Troy
9/19 A$AP Rocky
10/3 Revocation/Archspire
11/15 Parkway Drive
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