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Originally Posted by detuned View Post
over half of the last anthrax/testament tour was canadian dates, including toronto, which is probably why metal alliance lacks them. aside from vancouver, which is a repeat.
Yes, but Exodus hasn't had a decent timeslot in Toronto since 2010, and that combination of bands would still sell for sure. Unless Exodus is doing a North America tour in May (which I think they might because of MDF/I thought they were working on an album for then), then Toronto really needs this tour.

Also, I'll take any chance I can get to see Holy Grail when there are other good bands on the bill because they rarely headline. I saw their tour with Cauldron, which was awesome, but other than that, I don't think they'll be headlining anytime soon.

Originally Posted by W0unds
It would have been really nice to get a Metal Alliance date for Toronto. I'm sure the promoters would have loved to have booked one too considering last years sold out.

However most of the bands either just played here already and could be under contract to not tour through the same market again. I checked and Anthrax headlined here on September 29, High on Fire on November 26 and Holy Grail (supporting Sonata Arctica) on December 11 so I can understand them skipping here this year. That being said I would still love to see Among The Living played in its entirety.
I think the appeal here is Anthrax's album in full and Exodus. I still think this would sell well enough in Toronto to be worth it.
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