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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post

I think you're the only other person I know who checked out Moonless, The Foreshadowing, Threshold, Black Pyramid and Pale Divine.
Yeah, those are all great discs. The Threshold disc took a little while to really sink in because of the vocalist change, but once it clicked it shot right up the list. (The last Threshold disc is one of my all-time favorites.) I have been listening to the Witchcraft disc so much lately, it probably should have been a little higher as well.

I was surprised that Orange Goblin and Graveyard weren't on your list.

Also, The Hounds of Hasselvander disc would have been top 10 for me this year, but it was released in 2011. I didn't check it out in time to add it to my list last year but it is definitely top 10 for 2011. Great disc.
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