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Beyond Magnetic

First off, I realize this was technically released on iTunes in 2011, but I waited and bought the EP when it was released in 2012, and this is an EP, but I didn't listen to many EPs this year, so I didn't make a list. I really dig this EP. Just A Bullet Away and Hell and Back are better than many songs on Death Magnetic. The first tune is a little cheesy, and the closer, Rebel of Babylon is another solid tune. I also think the unrefined production of this EP sounds better than DM. Some absolute riff-o-rama going on in these tunes. I love the main riff of Just A Bullet Away, and Hell and Back features some heavy-ass parts that remind me a lot of The God That Failed. Was lucky enough to see the live premiers of tracks 3+4, and they sound great live, too.

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