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Fuck Yellow and Green hard (Not going to bitch about that record any more than I have already, I just despise that record with a passion) and I've never listened to Pallbearer, but the rest of this list is either records I thought were decent (Napalm Death, Pig Destroyer), very good (Testament, Cattle Decap, Gojira), made my top 20 (Deftones, Converge, Every Time I Die, High on Fire, Death Grips), or from bands I don't dig, but respect highly (Rush) so I can't complain too much. I'm actually shocked that Every Time I Die made it in to the top 10 and BTBAM didn't. 11-20 are great too with a few more of my top 20 as well as The Electric Age and Torture (Which I didn't love, but it's definitely respectable).

As for EP's glad to see Revocation win the race to finish behind Agalloch and good to see Down make the top 5. Overall very good list imo, just a bit behind last year's list.
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