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Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
Am I the only person here who likes Daniel Byrant?
Do you even read this thread? Everyone here loves him from what i've read. In fact, a number of pages ago I went on about how he should be pushed as the top face in the company. At least for a little while, to give Cena a break and for Vince to decide who his next guy is gonna be. Kinda like how Bret Hart filled the gap of being the top guy between Hogan and HBK.

Originally Posted by John The Drummer View Post
cesaro, d-bry, punk, kidd, gabriel, the wwe doesnt need people like sheamus and cena running the show with such great "rising stars" (quotes because punk and d-bry have already been around the block, but still fresh, compared to what vince shoves down our throats every week)
I got some bad news about Kidd, he busted his knee up bad at a recent house show and reports say he'll be out for almost a year. Him and Gabriel weren't going anywhere at all so it doesn't matter. They've been tagging for almost a year now and they've barely got any TV time. Of course it would help if either one had any character or personality to speak of that could get you behind them in the least. Being good in the ring doesn't get you much of anything in the big time, you need some kind of personality. There are very few exceptions to this, Chris Benoit being the best example. But he made everything so beliveable it was hard for people not to get behind him.

Originally Posted by hinder5050 View Post
daniel bryan is probaly a top 5 for me in the current wwe
Bryan is second for me right behind Punk. After that would be Cesaro and Sandow. Punk is right at his peak now but still has a few good years left. The potential in Bryan, Cesaro and Sandow is huge and the WWE hasn't even tapped into all I feel those three are capable of.