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Originally Posted by rjturtle9 View Post
Not to mention it was the first match on a Wrestlemania card. That loss was just horrific. I didn't even watch all of Wrestlemania after that. Just the main events.
The fan backlash from that has been great though. I think Vince wanted Bryan out of the title picture for good and that's why he did that. But the fans felt cheated out of a good match and bad for Bryan so they let Vince know by making him one of the most over guys in the company since then.

Wrestlemania would've made more sense to start with Big Show and Cody for the IC title. The way the angle played out, Cody had embarassing loss written all over him. Show could've came out gave Cody the knockout punch and it would've been over like that. Most importantly, it would've made sense from a storyline perspective. The choice to do that in the Sheamus Bryan match was pointless and as they proved at the next PPV, those two can have a very good match with each other. Too bad they weren't allowed to show that on the biggest show of the year.
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