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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
The Claire Lynch angle didn't do that much damge. Daniels and Kazarian really shined in their role during it and came out of it much better than they were before it. They had been tagging for awhile before this angle but they never truely developed their characters as a team until this storyline. They are easily two of the best reasons to watch TNA now. Without this storyline, I don't think Daniels and Kaz would've came up with the entertaining characters they have now.

Now that i'm talking about this stuff it does seem that some of the bad angles this year did have some good come out of them at least.
I've honestly only read about the Clair Lynch angle and heard that it was terrible. And how the WWE had an angle that was very similar after it.

I hope it wins. That way TNA can finally have something to post on the front page of their website and tell the world that they beat the WWE at something two out of the last three years.
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