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Originally Posted by TheWildAndTheYoung View Post
It's now time for the 1970's!!! Post your favorite year and why that was your favorite year.Mine would be 1978.Albums I like in some form or another:
Stained Glass-Judas Priest
Van Halen-Van Halen
You Can Tune A Piano,But You Can't Tuna Fish-REO Speedwagon
Darkness On The Egde Of Town-Bruce Springsteen
Some Girls-The Rolling Stones
Who Are You-The Who
Dog And Butterfly-Heart
Killing Machine-Judas Priest
Agreed on 1978, and in addition to what you listed...

Boston - Don't Look Back
Whitesnake - Trouble
ACDC - Powerage
Ace Frehley - Ace Frehley
Bob Seger - Stranger In Town
Rainbow - Long Live Rock N Roll
Rush - Hemispheres
Scorpions - Taken By Force
Ted Nugent - Weekend Warriors
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