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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
Even though I voted for the AJ angle you never know how it could play out. Natalyas farting gimmick is over and it did nothing but damage, just like that Clair Lynch angle. But who knows where AJ or Aces & Eights could lead. It's better to wait until an angle is done before it's deemed crap (unless its just that bad). Mark Calloway probably went into the WWF's offices in 1990 and heard what they had in line for him and probably though his career was going to go nowhere fast.
The Claire Lynch angle didn't do that much damge. Daniels and Kazarian really shined in their role during it and came out of it much better than they were before it. They had been tagging for awhile before this angle but they never truely developed their characters as a team until this storyline. They are easily two of the best reasons to watch TNA now. Without this storyline, I don't think Daniels and Kaz would've came up with the entertaining characters they have now.

Now that i'm talking about this stuff it does seem that some of the bad angles this year did have some good come out of them at least.