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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
Wrestlecraps Gooker awards nominations are out. Like we were discussing a few months ago, 2012 was a forgettable year so nothing really stuck (or stunk) out like past years.

I voted for AJ Lee. I know people like her but the few times I've seen her it's been cringe-worthy.

And the new launched, and like any other site that completely redesigns after 10+ years I hate it but will get used to it.
My vote went to Natalya's farting gimmick. It didn't last long but in all my years as a wrestling fan i've never seen something that stupid and pointless before. Why she didn't quit the WWE after this i'll never know. Her payckeck must be really good is all I can say.

People can shit on AJ Lee's various lovers angle all they want but it did end up putting a number of performers over. Besides AJ herself, the angle helped Bryan get over huge, helped reginvigerate Kane's career and made him a popular face again and it led to the formation of Team Hell No. Now they're using AJ to help get Ziggler more over and to introduce Big E Langston. They could scale AJ's screen time back a little now but her storyline this year has helped out more talent than it's hurt.

The Claire Lynch storyline was terrible but the excellent performaces by Christopher Daniels, Kazarian and AJ Styles helped make the horrible angle watchable.

Aces & Eights hasn't been going well lately but the story hasn't reached it's climax yet, so it's hard to vote for that when it hasn't been finished. The leader, who I believe to be Bully Ray, still has to be revealed. Only when the mastermind behind it is made known can I judge on weather the angle has been a flop or not.

The Ryder/Eve storyline tunred Eve into a star, which was something that the Diva's division desperately needed. Just because Ryder didn't benefit from it everyone shits on it. Eve turned heel and develpoed a character for the first time in her WWE career and to both her and the WWE's credit, they capitalised on that. I give Ryder credit for getting over on his own but the bottom line is, his character isn't that good, at least as a face and his in ring work is fine but nothing special.

Daniel Bryan losing to Sheamus in 18 seconds is the reason I will never pay money for a WWE PPV again. I've got no problem with Sheamus winning but to have the world title match go down like that is flat out one of the most embarrassing things Vince has ever done. Shit like this makes you wonder why you bother with the WWE anymore.