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Day 1 went amazing. We took about 5-6 hours just to set up the mic's and make sure everything sounded good. I was drumming the entire time, so I was more than warmed up when we finally got into the real thing.

We blasted through 4 songs (the 4 songs I knew the best and that I knew I could nail) and called it a day. Half of the songs was more than what we were originally planning on. We decided that every sloppy drum fill I did would be called a Fill Anselmo.

Day 2 was a bitch! I had two songs that I was comfortable with and knew I could nail, and two songs that I knew would be a bitch. We recorded the hardest song last, and 3 hours later had something great! We started to worry that we would run out of time, but we got it (at least to the point where it was workable and would be good with the small edit here and there).

Overall I had a blast. It was a much more fun time than when I recorded the last Funeral Age CD because A) I actually knew how to play off a click and not be too stiff, and B) I was friends with the guy producing it, so we could have a good time and not have to be TOO serious.

I can't wait to hear the final version! I am so insanely happy with my drum tracks, especially the 4 songs from day one, because all of the fresh energy was there.

I ended up using a Ludwig snare drum the studio owned, and OMG it was amazing. The little snare rolls that I improvised during the recordings gave me a .....good feeling that it would sound awesome when finalized . I feel I could have done the two hardest songs a bit better, but that could just be me criticizing my drumming, as always

Sending the files off to the East Coast for the guitarist to work his magic with and hopefully getting released within a month or two
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