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Well I went 2 for 4 last week, let's see if I can do better


(4) Ravens @ (1) Broncos

As you may know I am a huge Broncos fan so I am biased a bit but I do feel like the Broncos win this one; however right now everyone in Colorado are picking a easy blowout which I disagree with. Everyone I have heard or seen as pointed out the ass kicking we gave the Ravens back in week 15. I hate to use past games as a foundation for picking a win alone. I think the Ravens will be very well prepared and with Ray Lewis back, I think he will bring a little spark. But not enough....

Broncos 27, Ravens 20

(3) Packers @ (2) 49ers

Game of the weekend imo; It will interesting to see if the gamble to replace Alex Smith with Colin Kaepernick will work in this game. Kaepernick has played well since taking over for Smith's injury but as the cliche goes the playoffs are a whole different game. And that brings me to the Packers with Aarron Rodgers, the one QB in the NFC field with the most playoff experience and I believe that will be the difference maker. The 49ers defense will bring it but I feel like if the Packers limit their mistakes they win this one close.

Packers 20, 49ers 14


(5) Seahawks @ (1) Falcons

All eyes on Atlanta- can they get over the hump and win a playoff game in the Mike Smith/Matt Ryan era? Once again they get the hot team that has been there undoing the past 2 games: Packers in '10 and Giants last year (I suppose you could also count the Cardinals in '08 too). The Seahawks will really push this one but I am picking the Falcons for a silly reason: if they lose a 4th playoff game in a row, 2nd with the #1 seed, they will need an armored escort out of the Georgia Dome because the fans (and maybe the owner) will be pissed. But I think they finally get over the hump and get the win

Falcons 28, Seahawks 24

(3) Texans @ (2) Patriots

Remember when I said I don't look at past matchups in the season as a reason for picking? Well this time I don't see anything different. The Texans did good by handling the Bengals, but the Patriots are in much higher class. This one will be a bit closer than the blowout in December but if you give Brady and Belichick a week to prepare they are almost flawless. Granted the Patriots aren't a 100% pick at home (see '09 with the Ravens and '10 with the Jets) but I don't see the Texans having the manpower to keep up with the Patriots in the end

Patriots 34, Texans 24

So if my picks pan out next week will be

AFC: (2) Patriots @ (1) Broncos

NFC: (3) Packers @ (1) Falcons

What do you think will happen?
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